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Texas Tech Installs Second Set of Telecast Systems

Texas Tech Athletics doubled the amount of Telecast Fiber Systems equipment that it uses for live video productions of sporting events held at its football, baseball, basketball and volleyball arenas. The Lubbock, Texas-based university purchased and installed its second set of Adder, Cobra and Viper fiber optic transmission systems to support the broadcast of live video from a control room at United Spirit Arena.

The video and audio signals are carried from the on-site cameras at the university's sports arenas to the control room for editing and other production tasks, and then transmitted back to the arenas for airing on the video boards, giving the athletics staff control over the cameras.

"Fiber gives the university the ability to use a central location to broadcast over long distances and to several different facilities. The network offers an unlimited capacity for linking additional arenas. All the equipment is in place; it's just a matter or running fiber cable to the new venues," said Joe Commare, Telecast's vice president of marketing.

Signals obtained via the Telecast equipment from Texas Tech's home basketball games also are used for broadcast on its third-tier television network, which airs regionally in the Dallas, Wichita Falls and Fort Worth areas, as well as nationally via ESPN Game Plan