Television integration driving growth of tablets, says Ericsson

TV viewing will be one of the biggest drivers of the nascent tablet computer market, with almost 40 percent of consumers interested in applications that would use tablets to navigate and view TV content and control the services remotely, according to content delivery technology provider Ericsson.

The company questioned 336 million television viewers in seven countries, including the United States, the UK, China, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan. Among those respondents, 37 percent said they were “very interested in a touchscreen tablet connected to their TV.”

Ericsson’s study found that 93 percent of respondents still watched linear broadcast TV. However, 70 percent of those users watch the broadcast content after it has been streamed, downloaded or recorded (45 percent via online streaming). This suggests that time shifting and place shifting are key to TV viewing, which also helps enhance the appeal of tablet computers.