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Noon to 1:45 p.m.
Day: April 9
Place: Las Vegas Hilton Barron Room

George Gilder, futurist, author and chairman of Gilder Group, will address the Technology Luncheon.

Gilder is a senior fellow at Seattle's Discovery Institute and a contributing editor at Forbes. Gilder's influence on technology stocks has been considerable, and market fluctuations are often described as the result of the “Gilder effect.”

Gilder’s book, “Life After Television” predicted the future of computers and telecommunications. His latest book, “Telecoms: How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World,” explores the exponential growth in communications technology, supplanting computers as the engine of world economic growth.

The NAB Engineering Achievement Award for Television will also be presented at the lunch. Robert P. Eckert, Branch Chief, Electromagnetic Compatibility Division, Technical Analysis Branch of the Office of Engineering and Technology, FCC, will receive the TV award.

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