Switzerland's SRG SSR Invests in Sony XDCAM HD

Switzerland's public broadcast company, SRG SSR, has selected Sony's XDCAM HD422 file-based workflow as part of its HD production strategy, according to Sony.

Over the last two years, SRG SSR has been migrating its whole production infrastructure to HD, and in 2008, the company will invest in new equipment for ENG, with an initial order for 28 PDW-700 camcorders, 50 PDW-HD1500 studio decks and 72 PDW-U1 external drives.

SRG SSR will use Sony's XDCAM HD422 Codec across its entire HD production platform, which is based on the MXF file exchange format and MPEG-2 as the mainstream compression format at 50 Mbps.

"Following the excellent experience we have had with our existing Sony camcorders, we made the decision to move to XDCAM HD422 in collaboration with all of the SRG SSR enterprise units including tpc, TSR and TSI. Not only will XDCAM HD422 guarantee the best picture quality in SRG's mainstream HD production format, 720P/50, but the Professional Disc Solution is very easy to integrate into the our production workflow," explained Roberto Pomari, Head of Production at SRG SSR production.