Survey: LCD Due for Major Growth in 2008

The global market for large-sized LCD panels appears to be shrugging off economic concerns in this Olympics year, with rising demand for TV and PC monitors projected to climb 17.7 percent in unit shipments in 2008, predicts industry analyst iSuppli.

(Size is apparently in the eye of the beholder: iSuppli defines “large-sized” LCD panels as having a diagonal dimension of only 10 inches or larger.)

The El Segundo, Calif.-based firm said the market for large-sized LCD panels “struggled with an over-supply situation starting in November [2007] and into the first quarter of 2008.” However, it concludes, concern over expected tight supplies in the second and third quarters due to the Beijing Olympics in late summer is prompting buyers of TV panels (mostly HD) to place their orders earlier and to maintain high inventory levels.

LCD panel shipments in 2008 are projected to rise to 458.9 million units, and reach 737.6 million units by 2012. The global large-sized LCD market will expand to $88.9 billion in 2008, up 19.9 percent from $74.1 billion in 2007, the firm predicts.