Summer Hiatus Means Less Primetime HD

Although some cable networks spring up with new shows and new episodes for their series during summer months (USA Network and TNT alone will launch or resume no less than 10 series in coming weeks), broadcast networks routinely fall into repeat mode until the new season gets underway each fall. With few new shows to draw regular-season audiences, at least two of the big four networks have also cut back on their primetime HD fare this summer compared to the rest of the year.

This week, for example, NBC will air only 25 percent of its regular 22 hours of weekly primetime in HD (1080i), while Fox plans to air about 30 percent of its 15 weekly primetime hours in HD (720p), according to

Meanwhile, ABC (720p) and CBS (1080i) will continue offering a higher percentage of HD primetime through the summer than its broadcast competitors, with a bit more than 60 percent of its respective primetimes (13.5 of 22 hours) stripped across the week in HD.