Streaming media on the rise

The streaming media market rose 104 percent in 2003 to 7.87 billion streams — mostly from a few big aggregator platforms such as RealNetworks, ESPN, AOL and Yahoo, says a new study by Research and Markets.

The analysis finds the spurt in 2003 follows two consecutive years of streaming video growth. Broadband streams made up 78 percent of total streams accessed/served in 2003, up from 63.8 percent in 2002.

The top ten sites for streaming music audio generated, on average, 101.7 million aggregate tuning hours (ATH) per month in 2003, a 53.2 percent rise from 2002.

AccuStream iMedia Research estimates that the top ten Internet radio sites and networks own about 85 percent of total market, which indicates a total Internet radio market size (for music only) of about 120 million ATH per month.

The report is called “Streaming Media 2003: Brand, User and Audience Share Analysis.”

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