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Streambox debuts portable live digital newsgathering

The ACT-L3 mobile video transport G4 & G5 will begin shipping this month.

Streambox, a specialist in video compression and real-time video solutions, will demonstrate a new portable digital newsgathering (DNG) system for field news crews at NAB.

The system consists of two primary applications for newsgathering, a real-time encoding and transport application for live video delivery and ACT-L3 QuickTime codec for off-line store-and-forward encoding. The QuickTime component allows seamless integration with existing NLE packages and output devices.

The live video feeds are received as contribution videos in broadcast studios on the ACT-L3 Video Transport Mac G5 decoder or Intel/XP-based decoder systems with SDI or base-band video output.

Apple PowerBooks provide news crews with the ability to transmit live news feeds and edit video that can be sent off-line. PowerBooks are already in use by journalists for communications, video editing and writing, so no additional equipment is required.

The Streambox ACT-L3 portable video transport offers real-time compression of 1/2 D1 (352x480i) interlaced video 30fps on a PowerBook G4 with a 1.25Ghz CPU or higher. The system supports full D1 resolution at 15fps and higher. The codec produces high-quality video transmissions at data rates as low as 64kbps and higher over IP, sat-phones, 802.11 and 3G wireless networks. Optimal full resolution broadcast quality is available with IP satellite systems or land-based DSL lines.

The system offers live DV video capture from camera via Firewire input. It works seamlessly with existing NLE editing software such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro and has advanced Forward Error Correction technology that recovers and cancels packet loss and overcomes jitter and buffering.

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