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Strategy Analytics: 3DTVs Carry 56 Percent Price Premium for Early Adopters

BOSTON: U.S. consumers who expect to buy a 3DTV during the next year plan to spend 56 percent more than those buying a regular HDTV, according to the latest research from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service. Strategy found that the average expected price of a 3DTV is $1,224, compared to $785 for an HDTV. The research found slightly lower 3DTV price premiums in major European markets, ranging from 54 percent in France to 35 percent in Italy.

“There have been suggestions that consumers are not willing to pay more for 3DTVs,” Strategy Analytics’ Jia Wu said. “Strategy Analytics research casts doubt on this theory. Those who are thinking of buying the product attach significant additional value to a 3DTV relative to a regular HDTV.”

This study also reports that 11.5 percent of consumers in the United States are somewhat or very likely to purchase a 3DTV during the coming 12 months, compared to 9 percent in Germany and 6.9 percent in the United Kingdom.

“3DTVs exhibit all the classic signs of an emerging market with early teething problems,” Strategy’s David Mercer said. “Potential customers still report concerns over the potential health impact of watching 3DTV, so the industry must continue to address the remaining barriers to widespread adoption and focus on delivering further enhancements to in-home 3D technology.”