Remarking on where the business environment is going, Strath Goodship, president and CEO of Miranda, said, “There is still a big push to HD, even in the U.S. Probably up to 50 percent of news studios still need upgrading. These are still the smaller markets. It has picked up in the last six months in the States.”

And, he said, “The overarching trend, HD or not, is file-based infrastructure and the benefits that result. As equipment suppliers, we have to provide the tools not just to replicate workflows, but to allow them [our customers] to invent more efficient ones.”

When asked, if there are barriers to a transformation from ‘big iron,’ he said, “The technology is not the limitation any more. What is more complicated is legacy infrastructure, plus business and human issues.”

Miranda has been active in the 3-D space.

“3-D is not to be ignored, and penetration of receivers into homes is more than we expected,” Goodship said. “Miranda has adapted many products, for example, to be compatible with 3Gb/s, which supports left/right processing with multiviewers and logo generators.”

He adds, “Where we have been most successful selling products has been in OB vans. The real area for growth (of 3-D) is in live television, hence the OB vans. It's been an interesting discussion during the recession, but is not going to transform our industry.”

Another hot topic is alternative delivery formats to over-the-air and cable systems.

“We are watching the over-the-top (OTT) trend, but it's still very small,” Goodship said.

Referring to the existing businesses, Goodship remarked, “Advertising revenues in television are up; advertisers are still very much dependent on television to deliver their messages. We are still forecasting growth in TV infrastructure out to 2013, which is as far as we like to predict.”