Stations make spectrum deals with QUALCOMM

Three TV stations have asked the FCC to allow them to cease analog broadcasting before the 2009 deadline. The move would allow two of the stations to give up their analog spectrum to QUALCOMM for use with its MediaFLO wireless network.

Paxson’s WYPX-TV in Albany, NY, wants to give up analog channel 55 and begin to use only its digital spectrum on channel 50. Trinity Broadcasting’s WTBY-TV in Poughkeepsie, NY, asked to give up analog channel 54 and use only channel 27 for digital transmissions.

Industry reports said QUALCOMM had bought the rights to channel 55 for the MediaFLO wireless network.

Qualcomm is paying stations to vacate their channels on or adjacent to that channel prior to the February 2009 analog switchoff.

Paxson’s KPXO-TV in Kaneohe, HI, now on analog channel 66, has also requested an early analog shutdown, although no deal with MediaFLO on this channel has been reached.