Sport View Purchases 20 Ikegami Cameras

Sport View Technologies has selected Ikegami cameras for integration into its horse and dog race track video systems.

A total of 20 Ikegami cameras including Ikegami HL-60W and HC-D57W models were purchased for the project.

"You have to bring the player into the action, and that's what we're doing by going with Ikegami cameras," said Josh Shanahan, executive director of business development for Sport View. "They like to see extremely sharp definition in the animal that they're betting on, and the right camera is essential to making that happen. The Ikegami cameras we're specifying provide true blacks and true whites, and react extremely well in varying light conditions -- day, dusk, and night."

As many as five HL-60W cameras may be used at a time to cover a race event, with the majority in tower locations and one designated for "pan" applications in zooming into the lead animal. The HC-D47W camcorders are essential in providing a highly mobile capture option in the winner's circle and elsewhere around the track.