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SpectraRep, APTS Team Up on DTV for Homeland Security

SpectraRep is working with the Association for Public Television Stations (APTS) to educate APTS station members, and government, business and education leaders about using DTV transmissions to help securely distribute video and data.

SpectraRep will advise APTS on how public television can meet public safety, homeland security and distance education challenges, and will work with APTS to conduct demonstrations, projects and fundraising.

"As public television stations offer digital transmissions, they can provide a tremendous amount of information not only to television sets, but also to any computer in the coverage area. This is a vastly untapped, yet growing, resource available to the distance education and homeland security communities," said John Lawson, president and CEO of APTS.

Lawson further commented, "Funding to assist public television stations is critical. One of our key initiatives is to get these public television digital facilities completed nationwide and available for high priority uses such as homeland security and supporting distributed learning."