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Sorenson Media launches Squeeze Server On Premise

Sorenson Media has announced Squeeze Server On Premise, a technology that brings its Squeeze encoding engine directly to any existing enterprise server infrastructure to provide high-volume encoding.

Using Squeeze Server On Premise, the user’s entire video encoding workflow, from queues to video management and business rules, can be load-balanced through a single dashboard with a common set of APIs. Powered by the Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine, Squeeze Server On Premise delivers a wide array of input/output format types, including H.264, Flash and WebM, and optimizes playback on any device through an array of custom presets.

Squeeze Server On Premise also works in conjunction with each of Sorenson Media’s cloud-based enterprise encoding solutions, Squeeze Managed Server or Squeeze Solution Pack, to create a flexible hybrid solution that enables enterprise users to dramatically scale up their encoding and workflow capabilities on an as-needed basis.

The Squeeze Solution Pack further accelerates high-volume online transcoding, offering unlimited scale with advanced server templates that can be configured to handle increased or decreased load in an automated fashion. Running Squeeze Solution Pack in a hybrid model with Squeeze Server On Premise gives enterprises flexibility to manage their video operations.

Sorenson Media said that its hybrid solution drives efficiencies by minimizing the need for infrastructure expenditures, maximizing the effectiveness of on-premise capability and future-proofing video operations amid increasing video encoding complexity.