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Sony unveils new 4K digital video projectors

Sony has introduced two new 4K video projectors that offer 4096x2160-pixel resolution and an ultra-high contrast ratio.

One is a 10,000-ANSI-lumen model (SRX-R110); the other is a 5000-ANSI-lumen model (SRX-R105). Both use a Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) imaging device that enables them to achieve nearly four times the pixel count of current HD displays. Complementing the projectors’ pixel resolution is a high contrast ratio, which allows the new models to achieve high-quality images with rich and precise color tonal reproduction.

Sony first introduced SXRD technology in its QUALIA 004 projector, a 2K design targeted toward the higher-end consumer residential and custom-installation markets. Now, the professional introduction of an SXRD-based design offers the digital-cinema industry a clear alternative to existing projection technologies.

With SXRD technology, pixels are set at a pitch of 8.5 micrometers, from the center of one SXRD pixel to the center of the next, with an inter-pixel gap of 0.35 micrometers.

The 5000-lumen model is recommended for screen widths of up to 25 feet, while the 10,000-lumen model is recommended for screens of up to 40 feet. Sony is also planning to introduce a higher-brightness model for larger screens.

In addition to digital cinema, the projectors are also suitable for an array of large-venue applications, such as live events, staging, auditoriums or command-and-control, since they are capable of simultaneously displaying multiple high-definition images. In single-screen mode, the full 4096x2160-pixel image is projected. In dual-screen mode, two 1920x1080 images are projected. In quad-screen mode, four 1920x1080 images are projected. This multi-image capability makes the projectors ideal for applications where multiple, simultaneous high-definition views are required.

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