Sony offers shotgun microphone for stereo production

Targeting video field production that requires stereo sound, Sony has introduced a lightweight switchable shotgun microphone that provides both stereo and monaural operation in a single device.

Sony’s ECM-680S MS electret condenser microphone incorporates newly developed capsules that provide high sensitivity, low inherent noise and a flat, wide frequency response. Designed for digital multichannel sound capture in the field or studio, the microphone can switch from capturing voice and distant sound in highly directional monaural operation to a spatial stereo mode for natural environmental sound quality.

Nearly 10in long and weighing 4.9oz, the new microphone can be boom or camera mounted. Its large-diaphragm capsules with bidirectional characteristics provide sensitivity of -28dB in stereo and 32dB in mono. Noise is less than 20dB SPL in both stereo and mono modes.

Modes can be switched from the microphone itself or from compatible Sony professional camcorders. In the stereo mode, the MS stereo microphone signal is internally decoded to left and right (stereo) outputs. The mic also includes an LED that illuminates when stereo mode is selected.

The shotgun has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz in stereo mode and 40Hz to 20kHz in mono mode. There’s also a built-in two-position low-cut filter.

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