Sony Offers 3DTV Sets for Presale

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.:Sony’s new 3D-capable HDTV sets are now available for presale and set to roll out next month. The company announced presale availability last week at the Sony Style Web site. The inaugural 3DTV line includes several Bravia models, 3D Blu-ray players and home theater components.

Sony’s 3D Bravias represent an alternative approach to the format. Whereas other 3DTVs on the market are fully integrated sets, only two of the Bravias have built-in 3D capability. The other three require a $50 peripheral sync transmitter.

The WiFi-enabled, 3D-integrated XBR-LX900 comes in either a 52-inch screen size for around $4,000, and a 60-inch size for around $5,000. Both come with two pairs of active-shutter glasses. Sony started taking pre-orders for the 52-inch XBR-LX900 at Sony Style stores in February.

The XBR-HX909 series 52-incher is $4,000; the 46-incher, $3,500. Both require the $50 sync transmitter, sold separately, along with the $150 shutter glasses. The same goes for the KDL-HX800 series 55-inch set priced at $3,400, and the 46-inch set priced at $2.700. A 40-inch model is priced at $2,100.

Sony’s 3D Blu-ray players will also hit stores next month, retailing for around $300. The home theater set-up will run $800.

Sony’s 3DTV set introductions into the U.S. market follow Samsung and Panasonic. Samsung rolled out 3DTV sets online in early March. Prices for those sets have already dropped significantly (See “3DTV Set Prices Falling Fast.”) Panasonic hit brick-and-mortar stores a few days later with a limited supply of 3D home theater systems that quickly sold out. It started offering a series of 3D Viera plasmas for sale just last month.
-- Deborah D. McAdams