Sony introduces new wireless microphones for ENG, Broadcast TV

Sony Electronics has announced a new generation of application-specific UHF wireless microphone systems that target broadcast news and field production.

The new wireless systems feature dual-channel space diversity reception and tone squelch circuitry that recognizes a 32 kHz security, pilot-tone signal and outputs the audio signal only when this signal is received.

Each system is also PLL Synthesized, providing a stable carrier signal to avoid interference with other frequency channels and allowing the selection of a preferred channel from multiple frequencies.

Sony’s new UHF wireless microphone packages, to be available in January, provide selectable RF output levels—5mW output for simultaneous multi-channel operation and 30mW output for long distance transmission. The portable units can operate for approximately six hours powered by two AA-size alkaline batteries.

The new models for broadcast applications include:

  • UWP-C1: A lavaliere microphone, body-pack transmitter and portable diversity tuner designed for ENG/EFP applications.
  • UWP-C2 UHF: A handheld microphone and portable diversity tuner designed for ENG/EFP applications where camera mounting is required.
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