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Sony, Fujinon Capture ‘Dash for Cash’

“Dash 4 Cash” a new CW Network pilot satirizing the reality show genre, is the first network primetime scripted program to be shot in XDCAM HD.

The show was produced by Kelsey Grammer’s GramNet productions in association with CBS/Paramount for the CW Network and is currently in post production. The production team was under the gun to finish shooting the show in one week, at the request of CBS. Although the show is completely scripted, it has the spontaneous look of a reality show. The team shot the production using Fujinon HS16X4.6BRM and XS13X3.BRM HD lenses mounted on Sony F350 XDCAM HD cameras. Both lenses were designed specifically to work with Sony’s XDCAM format.

“This has to be the fastest I’ve ever worked on an episodic type of show,” said DP Jody Eldred. “The combination of the Sony XDCAM HD and the Fujinon lenses really helped us along. We were efficient because Fujinon’s glass allowed us to shoot very wide and long without switching lenses. The fast and easy XDCAM really sped things up as well.