Sony announces February ’05 delivery of HVR-Z1E HDV camcorder in Europe

The first deliveries of the new Sony HVR-Z1E HDV professional camcorder in Europe will began in February 2005.

The HVR-Z1E offers users an affordable migration path from SD to HD, while retaining many features of the DVCAM range, such as ease of use and i-LINK (IEEE 1394) connectivity.

The camera incorporates a number of significant features over consumer-oriented products and includes:

  • Switchable recording and playback of HDV, DV and DVCAM formats.
  • 50/60Hz (PAL/NTSC) switchable recording and playback
  • Two-channel balanced audio XLR inputs with independent adjustment of input levels for each audio channel
  • Color and B/W switchable viewfinder
  • Simultaneous operation of both LCD panel and viewfinder.

In addition to the professional HDV camcorder, Sony will also introduce the HVR-M10E compact videotape recorder. Like the camcorder, the VTR supports the recording and playback of DV, DVCAM and HDV formats and incorporates a 16:9 color LCD viewing screen.

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