Sony and All Mobile to Create 3D Truck

PARK RIDGE, N.J.: Sony Electronics and All Mobile Video will join forces to build a new 3D-capable, cine-enabled HD video production truck. The mobile unit is expected to be on display in Sony’s NAB Show exhibit, and then hit the road this summer.

The 53-foot double expando will be similar in design to AMV’s current Titan HD truck (pictured left). It will be tricked out with 3Ality Digital 3D rigs using Sony HDC-1500 cameras, a Sony MVS-8000G production switcher, SRW recording decks and HD production monitors.

Three new 3D networks are in the works for launch within the next 18 months or so, and as such, Eric Duke, president of All Mobile Video, said there would be more need for 3D production capabilities.

AMV and Sony worked together on the first HD broadcasts of the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, the Indy 500 and the first HD theatrical release of “Rent.”

Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer announced a companywide business strategy focused on 3D last November, predicting the format would provide Sony’s next $10 billion business. The company is active in production as well as digital cinema. The company said it has signed agreements to install 11,000 of its 4K digital cinema projections systems “over the next few years” in U.S. theaters. Between 2,500 and 3,000 of those will be 3D-capable. New Sony 3DHD Bravia TVs will become available this summer.

(Image by Dennis Degan