Something for Everyone in Blu-ray Top 10

Two very different types of non-fiction documentaries broke into the Blu-ray Top 10 sales charts in late January, with footage of Michael Jackson’s final concert rehearsals before his sudden death last summer taking the top slot only a few weeks after its brief run in movie houses.

In sharp contrast in style and subject matter, the critically acclaimed documentary from A&E Productions showing a lot of never-before-aired restored and color footage of World War II (first shown a few months ago on The History Channel) also entered the realm of Blu-ray bestsellers boasting 1080p quality, at number 9.

Also, three movies nominated for the 2010 Oscar for Best Picture are included on the latest list: “Up” (6); and “The Hurt Locker” (7); and “Inglourious Basterds” (10).

The Top 10 Blu-ray titles for the weekend ending Jan. 31, according to Nielsen VideoScan:

  1. “Michael Jackson's This Is It” (Sony Pictures)
  2. “Surrogates” (Disney)
  3. “Saw VI” Lionsgate)
  4. “The Hangover” (Warner Bros.)
  5. “Star Trek” (Paramount)
  6. “Up” (Disney)
  7. “The Hurt Locker” (Summit)
  8. “Gamer” (Lionsgate)
  9. “WWII in HD” (New Video)
  10. “Inglourious Basterds” (Universal)