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Solid State Logic releases free plug-in version of audio compressor

The SSL LMC-1 plug-in features fixed attack and release levels and controls for compression level.

Solid State Logic has announced the availability of a free software plug-in that replicates a signature 1980s SSL sound.

Capturing the sonic quality of the Listen Mic Compressor from SSL’s 1980s SL 4000 Series consoles, the LMC-1 delivers a distinctive compression sound that’s ideal for a range of processing applications.

Originally intended to prevent overloading on a tracking room talkback mic, the Listen Mic Compressor became an essential factor in defining the drum sound of the 1980s, when producers began patching it into their signal chain to process ambient drum mics, creating radically dynamic drum sounds and rhythm tracks.

LMC-1 is available for the Macintosh platform only, in AU- and VST plug-in formats, making it compatible with a wide range of software sequencers. Users of ProTools systems will be able to use the plug-in via a third-party VST to RTAS plug-in wrapper.

The plug-in is available as a direct download from It is free following a registration procedure.

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