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Sky+ Now Carrying BBC iPlayer

LONDON–Sky+ has launched BBC iPlayer, the BBC's video on-demand TV service. 

Approximately 6.7 million homes with a Sky+HD box and broadband connection will be able to watch the BBC on demand through BBC iPlayer. To enjoy Catch Up, Sky customers simply need to activate their on-demand service and connect their Sky+HD box to their broadband router.

Viewers can access BBC iPlayer directly from Sky's on-demand guide, an integration that allows audiences to choose from many of the BBC's popular shows, including "Doctor Who," "Strictly Come Dancing" and "EastEnders." BBC iPlayer is available alongside catch-up TV from Sky, ITV, Channel 5, with Channel 4's 4oD due to be added early next year, completing the line-up of free-to-air catch-up services. Sky On Demand also offers on demand access to shows from a number of other leading channels including UKTV, MTV and Discovery, in addition to movies on demand and drama 'box-sets.'

Viewers are able to browse through content by channel, day and genre, and can gain easy access to BBC shows in HDTV. Regional and signed programs are also available through dedicated categories. Once a customer has made their choice, the show is downloaded directly to their Sky+ planner for them to watch at a their convenience.

This deal between the BBC and Sky builds on a history of industry partnerships for BBC iPlayer, which is currently available on 650 platforms and devices.

In September 2012 alone, BBC iPlayer saw nearly 200 million requests for programs, including 2.2 million for "Doctor Who," 1 million for "Citizen Khan." This service is currently available on every major UK television platform at no extra charge.