Sixty-seven TV stations complete 2GHz BAS relocation

In late March, Sprint Nextel released information showing progress of the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) relocation project. The project update accompanied information on four metro areas that recently completed their transition.

The BAS relocation project is an important step in the eventual unfolding of HD electronic newsgathering (ENG). While the effort does not include HD encoders or decoders, it does usher broadcasters into an era of digital ENG.

The Sprint Nextel figures revealed as of late March included the following:

  • Sixty-seven stations nationwide have converted to new digital 2GHz BAS channels.
  • Nineteen markets nationwide have completed the relocation.
  • BAS licensees have finalized and received approval of “quote packages” for new equipment for nearly 90 percent of primary facilities to be relocated.
  • More than 77 percent of the necessary frequency relocation agreements for primary BAS facilities are signed.
  • BAS licensees have submitted more than 71 percent of the purchase orders to manufacturers for such facilities.
  • Twenty-three percent of all BAS licensee equipment orders have been fulfilled and 14 percent of BAS licensees have completely installed their equipment.

In March, the FCC granted a one-year extension to complete the transition with certain provisos.

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