SinoSat-2 Unable to Deploy Solar Panels

China's Sino Satellite Communications Co. Ltd confirmed reports last week that SinoSat-2 had failed in orbit. An article on said that while the satellite was successfully placed into orbit, the solar panels failed. The Oct. 29, 2006 launch of SinoSat-2, China's first direct-to-home satellite was covered in a previous RF Report.

Sino Satellite Communications said in an article posted on, that the SinoSat-2 "unfortunately suffered serious technical defects and was unable to deploy its solar panels and communications antennae. It, therefore, cannot provide broadcasting and telecommunications services."

SinoSat-3, the next satellite the company plans to launch, will not include transponders for direct-to-home transmissions. China Satcom plans to launch Chinasat 9 to the same orbital location as SinoSat-2. Chinasat 9 will be able to provide DBS signals to most parts of China.