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Simplified CampusOne TV Brings HD to School

TelVue, which creates digital video servers and live Internet streaming technology for hyper-local and community media, is offering a cost-conscious HD broadcast platform for college campuses. Telvue said the CampusOneTV system is geared to allowing colleges to broadcast their own sports competition — as well as campus speeches, concerts, graduation ceremonies and theatrical productions to their target audiences in HD.

The all-in-one broadcast platform eliminates the need for HD encoders and set-top boxes.

TelVue, based in Mt. Laurel, N.J., said the CampusOneTV platform includes an IP digital broadcast server that produces HD or SD programming — with its all-digital delivery enabling native MPEG-2 transport broadcast to standard digital TV sets without additional encoders.

The basic HD broadcast system comes with a simplified content management component designed to enable quick access and management of video files from an array of sources. TelVue said inexperienced student operators can learn the operation in under an hour of instruction.