Silverdraft Chooses Utah Scientific

SALT LAKE CITY: Utah Scientific announced that Silverdraft has installed Utah Scientific routing systems in its Mobileviz mobile production trailer. A “super-computer-powered digital and visual effects studio-on-wheels,” according to Utah, Mobileviz is designed to sit alongside a production set or a post facility and provide real-time processing for film and high-definition television productions, including compositing, color correcting, 3D processing, and other visual effects.

Silverdraft has installed three Utah Scientific routing switchers to route the control and video signals throughout the high-performance mobile studio as it is being manipulated, and out to whomever needs to see the newly rendered video stream on the outside.

With signal distribution provided by Utah Scientific routers within, as well as to and from Mobileviz, everyone involved in a production--directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and VFX supervisors, through to make-up and wardrobe--can review material immediately and make on-the-spot adjustments as necessary.

The Utah-400 digital video switcher is accompanied by a Utah-200 analog switcher. Also included in the installation is the Utah-400/data router.