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Sigma Electronics shows eight-channel audio splicing

At its NAB booth, Sigma Electronics offered several new modules to its Octabus family of multichannel audio processing, including the ability to synchronize compressed audio streams, eliminating the need for sample rate converters and other external processing devices. OctaSync modules include an automatic output “V” fade if signal input errors occur.

Sigma’s OctaSplice module addresses the need to insert locally generated audio into a compressed Dolby Digital bit stream (such as a network HD feed). It does not require decompression and recompression cycles, keeping audio quality high. In addition, a new DA5335 module accepts up to four Dolby Digital inputs and independently shifts each stream in time to provide correct packet alignment to a master audio reference. Inputs can e spliced together to form new and uninterrupted streams with the correct content for up to four outputs.

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