SIDSA unveils EnterTV DVB-H mobile TV platform

SIDSA recently announced the EnterTV DVB-H mobile TV platform, in which the company has integrated its integrated chip (IC) with third-party solutions to provide portable and mobile TV device manufacturers with fast time to market.

EnterTV modules and reference designs include silicon tuners from Microtune and NXP as well as DVB-H middleware and applications from different companies, such as the Player from Nextreaming. With Enter TV, SIDSA is looking to provide an easy-to-integrate solution that leverages the processing capabilities of SIDSA’s Enter e1 chipset, which in addition to DVB-H demodulation, performs PSI/SI parsing, ESG parsing, handover and program streaming.

Enter TV reference designs will shortly incorporate multistandard capabilities in addition to DVB-T and DVB-H.

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