Siano joins forces with Huaqi and CMBSat to deliver mobile TV in China

Siano will provide chip solutions for the service, set to launch at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Siano Mobile Silicon last week signed a collaboration agreement with CMB Satellite, the Hong Kong-based affiliate of EchoStar Communications, and Chinese manufacturer Huaqi to provide advanced solutions for the People’s Republic of China’s upcoming mobile TV service, known as CMMB or S-TIMI, expected to be launched in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The CMMB/S-TIMI network will use both satellite and terrestrial signals to obtain effective coverage both in densely populated cities, including indoor reception, as well as in more sparsely populated rural areas. CMB Satellite will be the primary provider of S-band satellite capacity for the system, while Huaqi is developing a line of mobile devices geared at CMMB users. Siano is lending its mobile TV chips to the collaboration. Among its flagship products in this arena are the SMS1010, a quad-band, multistandard receiver chip, and the SMS8021, a chip-antenna designed to exhibit a high performance reception over the entire UHF range.

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