SF Cable Releases Digital Outdoor Antenna With 360 degree rotation

UNION CITY, CALIF.—SF Cable now offers a solution for customers who want to pick up local TV stations and programs: the Amplified HDTV Digital Outdoor Antenna, which picks up UHF, VHF and FM Radio signals.

“In certain scenarios customers reported being able to receive 40 to 50 channels using the long range capabilities of our digital outdoor antenna,” Phil Truong, product manager at SF Cable said.

The HDTV antenna controls 360-degree rotation, enabling directional focus toward broadcasters in the area through a wireless infrared controller included with the antenna.

The high sensitivity of the reception within the antenna combined with the low noise amplifier enables high quality reception with large-range coverage. By positioning the antenna in a high area (i.e. using a raised pole, roof or 2nd floor balcony), difficult reception areas such as hilly terrain or high buildings will still receive clear signals from local stations.

By inputting the local zip code on their website, available stations and geographic locations will be shown for a general idea of what stations can be received, as well as the direction the antenna should be facing to receive them.