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Seoul Broadcast System turns to Konan for DAM solution

Seoul Broadcast System, one of Korea’s largest broadcasters, launched its operations into the digital era March 1 when it went to air with the first newscast created using the station’s new digital news system.

As part of its move to a newly built headquarters, SBS built a state-of-the-art newsroom fully equipped with the latest technology for its new digital system.

The new digital news system is a groundbreaking step forward on the way to converting the station’s entire news system - production through playout - to digital technology. SBS’s ultimate plans for the digital era envision integration of communication, broadcasting and networking.

The broadcaster’s new digital news system allows for large volume management, supporting 40-channel encoding, 41 NLEs and 25,000 hours of archiving, while allowing for hundreds of users at once.

What distinguishes SBS’s digital news system from others, which are hardware orientated, is its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution provided by Konan Technology. SBS based its selection of the DAM solution on:

  • Workflow implementation;
  • Legacy system integration: Audio archive system, MIS, tape management system, etc.;
  • Flexibility and scalability based on open architecture;
  • Ease of use and customization.

The SBS DAM solution is integrated seamlessly with the several systems, including servers and storage from IBM, a video server and NLE from Thomson Grass Valley, a tape library from StorageTek and a tape library management from Front Porch Digital.

The DAM solution transforms what was previously a linear news production workflow into a networked system where many users can simultaneously access, search, edit and use content once it’s ingested into the archive.

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