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Sennheiser Launches RF Frequency Finder Web Site

Sennheiser has created a Web site to help its customers locate available frequency bandwith in the U.S for its wireless microphones. The company says it is responding to concerns that the strain on airwaves from analog and digital TV feeds and interference from local emergency services and transit companies is occupying an increasing amount of bandwith that complicates work for touring live sound engineers.

"RF Frequency Finder" under the Quick Links listing on includes recommended tunings for Sennheiser Evolution Wireless and 3000 and 5000 RF Series systems for situations that require the re-tuning of factory presets or where multichannel requirements exceed the system's factory presets.

A three-step guide lets audio engineers download Sennheiser's wireless equipment stock frequency and available custom grouping guides, cross-referenced to channel orientation, for study during tour preproduction or while on the road. A 50-state grid provides links to Adobe PDF downloads with comprehensive listings of the current analog and DTV frequencies in use in the major cities, including bandwith allocation for future DTV transmission.

RF engineers can use the guide to select the wireless frequency range with the least number of TV signals and choose the Sennheiser wireless frequencies applicable to their particular RF system that falls within the unused TV channels for their tuning requirements.