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Second Prism Sound dScope analyser ordered by Focusrite

Focusrite Audio Engineering has installed a second dScope Series III audio analyser from Prism Sound at its headquarters in Buckinghamshire. The company is an existing Prism Sound customer and based the decision to invest in a second unit on this experience. The level of technical support it has received was anopther factor driving the decision.

"We use dScope Series III analyzers for both R&D and production line testing. At the moment our units are being employed across a wide range of products, including Firewire-based audio devices," said Simon Jones, R&D manager. Focusrite. "dScope's real-time FFT and signal display is superb, while its multi-tone analysis features save us a lot of time in production line testing. In my opinion dScope is the best and most cost-effective audio testing solution on the market."

The dScope's trace window povides a range of visual indicators of an audio system's performance from time domain waveforms to FFT displays, analysis, filters and distortion residuals to swept response curves and multi-tone results – all on the same graph, at the same time. The multiple FFT detectors allow users to interpret the FFT trace analytically with high-precision numerical readouts, and can monitor up to 40 different audio parameters at the same time. These can then be checked against limits simultaneously.