Scotland: Outside Electrician Solves Sky HD Viewer Complaint

Those occasional cable and DBS nightmares we all hear about apparently know no geographic boundaries.

Would-be HD viewer Annette McKenzie of Glasgow, Scotland — unabashedly described as a "telly addict" by her local newspaper — said after spending hundreds of pounds on HD equipment and services (namely a new HD set and installation fees for an HD set-top box from satellite provider BSkyB), she couldn't help but wonder what all the fuss was about. To her eyes, HD programs appeared no better than the analog and digital SD she was used to.

The lack of HD quality was more apparent than usual, perhaps, because she was watching on a 52-inch HD set. But her complaints to Sky went unheeded, call after call, query after query. And to add insult to injury, the 28 year-old "mum" of three young children said Sky had told her she couldn't truly appreciate HD because there was obviously something wrong with her vision.

Finally, after four months after trying to watch (and paying monthly fees of $107 for) her alleged HD service, she called in an outsider — an electrician — to check things out, according to the Daily Mail. "He said they had used the wrong cable to fit the HD box," she said. Still, she maintained, Sky didn't seem inclined to remedy the problem anytime too soon.

When the Daily Mail made some inquiries, the newspaper said, some "red-faced bosses offer[ed] her free movie and sports channels for a year, and refunded four months of fees."

And now "telly addict" Annette McKenzie is watching bona fide HD on her still-new HD set via her BSkyB HD set-top box — with the correct connecting cables.