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ScheduALL Partners With ND SatCom

ScheduALL, a provider of broadcast production and operations management software, has formed a technology initiative partnership with ND SatCom to develop smartSNG. smartSNG allows broadcasters to integrate satellite activation and deactivation into their workflow as well as coordinate their SNG remote teams more seamlessly.

"smartSNG is the answer to the problem of manual operations many broadcasters face with SNG," said Stefan Jucken, director of business development at ND SatCom. "Not only does smartSNG automate the entire workflow of SNG operations, it makes it more efficient, so broadcasters can focus less on planning and more on newsgathering. Also, automation means there is less potential for human error."

ScheduLINK already automates the planning of an SNG transmission, but the collaboration with ND SatCom on the smartSNG goes one step further. Once the SNG vehicle is on site, using smartSNG, the operator can activate the antenna and the transmission with a push of a button, and verify that all technical and booking parameters have been met. Once the transmission is complete, the operator can deactivate the antenna and the transmission in the same manner.

During transmission, the SNG vehicle is connected back to the network or station and can be fully remote controlled. Operators have a full range of communications, including intercoms, phones, and IFB. If there is an editor in the truck, smartSNG enables field editing and relay of content back to the network or station.