Satellite Update - Nov. 1, 2004

Telesat Canada filed a Petition for Declaratory Ruling requesting the FCC declare that the Ka-band portion of Anik F2 is two-degree compliant, so that the noninterference condition that was previously imposed on the satellite's Ka-band U.S. operations in the 19.7 -20.2 GHz band and the 29.5-30.0 GHz band can be removed and no similar condition be imposed on its operations in other portions of the Ka-band. It also ask the FCC to declare use of the Anik F2 capacity in the 18.3-18.3, 28.35-28.6, and 29.25-29.5 GHz frequency bands comply with the Commission's market access policies. For information on this filing and filings by Lockheed Martin Corporation related to its global radio-navigation satellite service network, see FCC Report SAT-00254.

The FCC granted Intelsat LLC's request to operate INTELSAT 706 at 50.25 degrees East Longitude (EL) using space-to-earth frequency bands 3700-4200 MHz, 10.95-11.25 GHz, 11.45-11.70 GHz, 11.70-11.95 GHz, and 12.5-12.75 GHz and earth-to-space frequency bands 5925-6425 MHz and 14.0-14.5 GHz. Intelsat LLC's application to relocate C/Ku-band satellite INTELSAT 602 from 50.5 degrees EL to 157 degrees EL and operate it at 157 degrees EL was also granted. PanAmSat was given special temporary authority to operate the tracking, telemetry and command payload on Galaxy 3R at the 111.0 degrees WL location for 180 days commencing on November 4, 2004. See FCC Report SAT-00253 for the details.