Satellite Update

The FCC has accepted two applications from XM Radio Inc. requesting special temporary authority (STA) for terrestrial repeaters. One application requests STA to use one lower power (less than 2 kW EIRP) terrestrial repeater at weekly PGA Tour events at various locations from Jan. 1, 2007 through July 1, 2007. The application has been designed as "permit but disclose" proceedings. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00407.

The FCC granted, with conditions, Satelites Mexicano, S.A. de C.V.'s request to modify its Permitted List Authorization for SOLIDARIDAD 2 to change the orbital location of the satellite to 114.9 degrees West Longitude. Any earth station with "ALSAT" designed as a point of communication may now use SOLIDARIDAD 2 to provide Fixed Satellite Services and FSS Direct-to-Home Service to, from or within the United States in C- or Ku-bands.

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. was granted STA to operate terrestrial repeaters with an EIRP of 200 watts and 0.0001 watts for demonstrations at trade shows across the United States. The STA began on Jan. 1, 2007 and is valid for 180 days. XM Radio was also granted STA to operate terrestrial repeaters with EIRP up to 0.5 watts and 0.0001 watts at trade show venues, for a period of 30 days beginning on Dec. 24, 2006. SES Americom Inc. was granted an extension of time, until Jan. 29, 2007 to resubmit its application to provide service using BSS (broadcast satellite service) spectrum from 105.5 degrees WL. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00409.

The FCC modified the reservation of 2 GHz spectrum for New ICO Satellite Services G.P. The orbital location specified in ICO's spectrum reservation was changed from 91 degrees WL to 92.85 degrees WL. The FCC denied ICO's request to use C-band frequencies for its telemetry, tracking, and command operations under limited or emergency circumstances. See the FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order (DA 06-2545) for additional information.