Satellite Update

atContact Communications LLC requested authority from the FCC to relocate its geostationary orbit fixed satellite service (FSS) satellite from its current location at 34 degrees west longitude to 77 degrees WL using the same frequency bands--28.6-29.1 GHz (uplink) and 18.8-19.3 GHz (downlink)--authorized at 34 degrees WL. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00404.

The FCC allowed DirecTV Enterprises LLC to relocate the DirecTV 5 satellite from 109.8 degrees WL to 110.1 degrees WL. DirecTV received special temporary authorization (STA) to extend its drift of DirecTV 9S from 138 degrees WL to its licensed location at 101.1 degrees WL by 15 days, from Dec. 4, 2006 to Dec. 19, 2006. DirecTV was also allowed to operate DirecTV 9S telemetry, tracking and command functions on 17,795 MHz (uplink) and 12,695.5 MHz and 12,696.5 MHz (downlink) until Dec. 19, 2006. Intelsat's request for STA to operate Intelsat 601 at 63.65 degrees WL was dismissed as moot, since the FCC Satellite Division granted, with conditions, Intelsat's modification request to operate at 63.65 degrees WL. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00405.