Satellite Update

Intelsat North America LLC requested modification of its license for INTELSAT 709 at 85.15 degrees East Longitude to allow non-conforming use of 11.7 to 11.95 GHz on a non-harmful interference basis in ITU Regions 1 and 3 to provide fixed satellite service to support U.S. Government operations in the middle east. Intelsat also asked for modification of its license for the MARISAT-F2 satellite for authority to operate on narrow band channel B -- 311.15 MHz center frequency uplink and 257.55 MHz center frequency downlink to provide service to a U.S. Government customer. For more details on these two applications, see FCC Report SAT-00396

The FCC granted an application from EchoStar Satellite Operating Corporation to modify its authorization for EchoStar 113 at 113 degrees West Longitude. FCC Report SAT-00397 said EchoStar is authorized to use 18.302 GHz and 18.798 GHz for EchoStar 113 telemetry tracking and command (TT&C) operations. During launch and transfer operations, EchoStar is authorized to use 13.752 GHz, 13.998 GHz, 11.452 GHz and 11.698 GHz for TT&C.