Satellite Update

The FCC accepted several applications regarding Intelsat North America's satellite Intelsat-Americas 5 (IA-5) and replacement satellite IA-9. Based on FCC Report SAT-00390, Intelsat is seeking to relocate the IA-5 satellite from 97 degrees to 76.70 degrees west longitude. Intelsat requested its authorization for replacement satellite IA-9), authorized at 77 degrees west longitude be modified to specify operation at 97 degrees west longitude.

The FCC also accepted an application from PanAmSat to relocate Galaxy 4R to 76.85 degrees west longitude and operate it at that location. EchoStar requested modification of its authorization to operate EchoStar 9 at 121 degrees west longitude on Ka-band frequencies 18.3-18.5 GHz, 18.6-18.8 GHz, 28.4-28.6 GHz and 29.3-29.5 GHz. Although EchoStar 9 is already located at 121 degrees west longitude, EchoStar holds an authorization to launch a new Ku/Ka-band satellite into this location with projected launch in 2009. By allowing EchoStar 9 to use the specified portion of the Ka-band, these frequencies can be put to use earlier than if EchoStar has to wait until the new satellite is operational. Refer to FCC Report SAT-00390 for more information on these and other applications.

The FCC's Satellite Division granted a request from Hughes Communication to modify condition B of its authorization for SkyTerra-1 located at 95 degrees west longitude to specify that TT&C operations that are at or below emission levels specified in section 25.138(a)(1) of the FCC rules are protected. Uncoordinated emissions above those allowed by that section are on a nonharmful interference basis.

SES Americom's request for special temporary authority to operate in the 18.6-18.8/19.7-20.2 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 28.4-28.6/29.5-30.0 GHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands at 118.75 degrees west longitude was granted. The STA allows telemetry, tracking and control operations necessary for those operations and is effective from Sept. 22 to Nov. 21. This is the Ka-band payload on AMC-16. For additional information on these actions and several actions approving transfers of control related to the PanAmSat/Intelsat merger see FCC Report SAT-00391.