Satellite Update

Satelites Mexicanos filed a petition to add its Satmex 6 satellite to the Permitted Space Station List. The satellite will be located at 113 degrees West Longitude. Satmex requested a waiver of the FCC requirement that 4/6 GHz band space stations be capable of switching polarization sense upon ground command and a waiver of the requirement that the space station antennas be designed to provide cross polarization isolation of at least 30 dB within the primary coverage area. Satmex also asked for permission to use Satmex 6 for fixed satellite service (FSS) direct-to-home service. For additional information, see FCC Report SAT-00371.

The FCC granted the petition for declaratory ruling filed by SES Satellites (Gibraltar) Ltd. to add C-band satellite Satcom C-4 to the Permitted Space Station List. The satellite is located at 104.95 degrees WL. The action will be effective on the date that Satcom C-4 reaches 104.95 degrees WL and the U.S. license is replaced with the Gibraltar license. XM Radio's request for 180-day special temporary authority to operate one terrestrial repeater with a power level less than 2 kW EIRP at weekly PGA Tour events at various locations, starting July 15, 2006, was granted with conditions. The authority is limited to events listed in Exhibit A of the STA request. In addition to these actions, the FCC also approved numerous transfers of control applications. For details, see FCC Report SAT-00370.