Satellite Update

On Nov. 30, 2005, EchoStar requested special temporary authority for testing of the EchoStar 10 DBS spacecraft at 139.5 degrees west longitude for up to 90 days following launch. After testing, EchoStar proposed to locate it at 110 degrees WL. See FCC Report SAT-00338. On the same day the FCC released Report SAT-00338 listing the application as acceptable for filing, it issued Report SAT-00342, noting that it had granted STA for EchoStar to test EchoStar 10 for 60 days commencing Feb. 8, 2006.

In Order and Authorization DA 06-325 the FCC allowed the 13-meter earth station in Kapolei, Hawaii licensed to Loral Skynet Network Services Inc. to transmit to Telstar 18 satellite in the 6425-6650 MHz extended C-band. It also authorized the earth station to provide service to Kazakhstan using Telstar 18. The Order and Authorization stated that "Grant of this application represents another step in implementing the U.S. market-opening commitments to satellites licensed by other countries and will enable Loral to expand the reach of its service." Telstar 18 is licensed by the Kingdom of Tonga.

Telstar 18 is located at 138 degrees east longitude. The Order and Authorization prohibits Loral from using Telstar 18 for DBS or DARS service and from sending or receiving analog video services or any FM video television services to or from the satellite. Loral is only authorized to provide communications services to points in Tonga, Kazakhstan or WTO-Member countries within Telstar 18's footprint.