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Satellite Update

The DirecTV Enterprises LLC application for a fixed satellite service Ka-band space station on the proposed DirecTV 9S satellite at the nominal 101 degrees west longitude (WL) orbital location was dismissed as defective (without prejudice to refiling) on Nov. 17. An application for amendment of that application was dismissed as moot. See FCC Report SAT-00331 for additional information.

DirecTV Enterprises LLC requested special temporary authority to relocate the DirecTV 2 DBS satellite from 100.6 degrees WL to 91 degrees WL, a Canadian broadcast satellite service (BSS) orbit location, and to perform telemetry, tracking and command functions in connection with the relocation. At the 91 degree location, DirecTV would lease all the satellite's capacity to Telesat Canada to support BSS into Canada and the satellite would be operated under an authorization from Industry Canada.

DirecTV Enterprises had also requested an extension of its current STA of up to 180 days, to continue operating DirecTV 2 at 100.6 degrees WL to give the organization time to complete replacement of DirecTV 2 with DirecTV and, during the consideration of the filling, to move DirecTV 2 to 99 degrees WL as noted earlier. XM Radio requested STA to operate one low power terrestrial repeater (less than 2 kW EIRP). XM Radio wants to extend its STA for the terrestrial repeater through the conclusion of the event. Lockheed Martin requested a 10-day extension of the company's STA to conduct in-orbit testing of its RNSS space station at 150 degrees WL, prior to placement of the station at 133 degrees WL.

For more information on these applications, see FCC Report SAT-0033.