Satellite Update

EchoStar Satellite filed a Petition for Reconsideration challenging the FCC Order denying its request to cease operation of EchoStar 4 at 157 degrees West Longitude (WL) and modify its authorization to specify EchoStar 4 at 77 degrees WL as an authorized point of communication. See the Satellite Update in last week's RF Report for information on the FCC denial and FCC Report SAT-00298 for more information on the Petition for Reconsideration.

DirecTV Enterprises filed an application to modify its license for the DirecTV 8 satellite to operate it at 100.75 degrees WL instead of the 100.85 degree WL location specified in the license. ORBIMAGE, requested modification of its authorization for a non-geosynchronous orbit satellite system (NGSO) in the Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS), under which it currently operates a single satellite, to add an additional satellite OrbView-5, to its authorization. OrbView-5 would operate in the 8025-8400 MHz and 2025-2110 MHz frequency bands. Since the FCC has not opened a processing round for these applications, ORBIMAGE requested a waiver of those portions of Sections 25.156 and 25.157 of the FCC rules to allow this application to proceed without initiating a processing round. Refer to FCC Report SAT-00297 for additional details.