Satellite Update

SES Americom requested modification of its authorization for AMC-2 to relocate the C and Ku-band satellite from 105 degrees West Longitude (WL) to the 85 degree WL location and operate it there using both C and Ku-bands. AMC-2 is currently operating in the Ku-band only at 105 degrees WL under conditional authority, using C-band only for telemetry tracking and command (TT&C). Prior to 2003, AMC-2, formerly named GE-2, operated in both C and Ku-bands at 85 degrees WL. DirecTV Enterprises requested special temporary authority (STA) to perform TT&C functions using the DBS payload of DirecTV 8 and operate the Ka-band payload at 100.65 degrees WL for up to 180 days beginning on or about June 24, 2005. Additional information on these applications is available in FCC Report SAT-00296.

The FCC denied a request by EchoStar Satellite L.L.C. for STA to conduct TT&C operations during the relocation of EchoStar 4 from 157 degrees WL to 77 degrees WL. EchoStar planned to operate EchoStar 4 at that location under a Mexican authorization. The immediate purpose of the request was to bring into use an ITU filing by the Mexican Administration, which the FCC said by itself does not constitute a public interest reason sufficient to justify grant of an authorization. The FCC concluded, "Because there is no concrete basis presented in the record for making a favorable public interest determination, we will deny the EchoStar STA Request, and dismiss EchoStar's related requests i.) to cease operations, for an unspecified period longer than 90 days, at the 157 degrees W.L. orbital location, and ii.) to modify an earth station authorization to specify EchoStar 4 at the 77 degrees W. L. as an authorized point of communication." For more information on this decision, refer to the Memorandum Opinion and Order (DA 05-1581).