Satellite Update

The FCC granted Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary's request to modify its authorization for AMSC-1 to operate the satellite at 100.95 degrees West Longitude (WL) in the 1530-1559 MHz and 10.75-10.95 GHz bands for downlink and 1631.5-1660.5 MHz, 13.0-13.15 GHz and 13.2-13.25 GHz bands for uplink. Hispamar Satellites' AMAZONAS-1 satellite at 61 degrees WL is now included on the FCC's Permitted Space Station List and is authorized to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) service to, from or within the United States, subject to conditions. The FCC granted an extension of special temporary authority (STA) allowing Satcom C-1 to operate at 37.5 degrees WL through December 17, 2004. For additional information on these grants see FCC Report SAT-00237.

The FCC accepted an application from Space Communications Corporation to add its Superbird-C satellite operating in the Ku-band at 143.95 degrees East Longitude (EL) to the Permitted Space Station List. It also accepted an application from PamAmSat for a 180-day extension of an STA to operate the tracking, telemetry and command payload on Galaxy 9 at 90.9 degrees WL. See FCC Report SAT-00238.

PanAmSat was granted conditional authority to operate the C-band communication payload and the Ku-band telemetry, tracking and command stations aboard PAS-9 from 26.15 degrees EL. Operation at this location was coordinated with government of Saudi Arabia, which coordinates Arabsat 2A operations at 26 degrees EL. PAS-9 was originally located at 58.1 degrees WL until it was replaced by PAS-23 after the failure of a cell in PAS-9's battery system rendered it incapable of providing all the services required at that location. Refer to the FCC Order and Authorization for additional information.