Satellite Update

The FCC accepted an amendment to an application from PanAmSat to operate Galaxy 15 from 133 degrees West Longitude (WL) providing C-band coverage to the U.S. PanAmSat's amendment addresses Galaxy 15's potential impact on co-frequency adjacent satellites and updates the satellite's parameters to reflect the inclusion of Lockheed Martin's Regional Positioning System payload into Galaxy 15. DIRECTV asked for special temporary authority (STA) to continue to operate DIRECTV 1 at 101 degrees WL at currently licensed parameters and specifications for 180 days beyond its license expiration date, through and including December 2, 2004. Additional details on both of these applications are available in FCC Report SAT-00224.

The FCC granted DIRECTV's request to continue operating the DIRECTV 1 satellite at 101 degrees WL until August 3, 2004. At the request of DIRECTV, the FCC dismissed application modifications for its Ka-band satellites at 99 degrees WL, 101 degrees WL and 103 degrees WL. DIRECTV asked that the modifications be dismissed in favor of newly filed applications. Details on these FCC actions can be found in Report SAT-00225.