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Satellite Update

SES Americom filed an application with the FCC requesting authority to operate AMC-9 at 83 degrees West Longitude (WL) in 2005 rather than 85 degrees WL, after AMC-16 is launched. It also sought permission to launch and operate a hybrid Ka-and-Ku-band satellite, AMC-16, at 85 degrees WL. This is a modification of its authority for a Ka-band band fixed-satellite at 85 degrees WL. The Ku-band portion of the satellite will be a replacement for its AMC-9 satellite.

PanAmSat asked for permission to slightly shift the orbital locations of three of its satellites. Galaxy 5 would move from 125 to 125.05 degrees WL, Galaxy 3C would move from 95 to 95.05 degrees WL, and SBS-6 from 74 to 74.05 degrees WL.

For additional information on these applications and applications by Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Radio to operate terrestrial repeaters, see the FCC Report SAT-00211.